Oregon Endoscopy

Oregon Endoscopy

Ongoing Remodels & Upgrades

McKenzie Commercial was hired to renovate a sterile processing area. This first project had to be done in one weekend, making scheduling one of the biggest components of this project. Because of our success with this remodel, we were asked to renovate an office space into a histology lab. This work was time sensitive in order to double the lab’s ability to provide testing services. Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, Oregon Endoscopy saw a record number of patients, making the lab remodel even more important. With most of the equipment being re-used, we had one weekend to move all of the testing equipment over and have it ready to go.

We continue to work with Oregon Endoscopy on an ongoing basis ensuring any repairs and maintenance items are addressed instantly. This allows them to ensure their patients are receiving the best care in the safest environment.

Project Details:

Contract Type: Stipulated sum
Client: Oregon Endoscopy
Location: Springfield, OR
Year: Ongoing