Mapleton Elementary & Junior/Senior High School

Seismic Rehabilitation and Building Renovations

McKenzie Commercial, once again, put their many years of experience with CM/GC and seismic rehabilitation projects to work. Before construction got underway, McKenzie Commercial helped implement almost $400,000 in value-engineering savings.

McKenzie Commercial phased this project in accordance with the school year to keep the building occupied and preserve school activities. Site improvements were made to bring the campuses up to ADA standards, seismic rehabilitation of wood-framed structures, exterior building envelope renovations, window replacement, and mechanical and electrical upgrades. The final structural seismic rehabilitation design was incomplete prior to the start of construction, and $500,000 in seismic rehabilitation was added to the scope of the project after reaching the GMP.

Project Details:

Contract Type: CMGC, GMP
Client: Mapleton School District
Engineer: PIVOT Architecture
Location: Mapleton, OR
Year: 2018
Price: $9,000,000


“It was an easy decision to hire McKenzie Commercial to oversee our $11 million bond renovation and seismic upgrade project on Mapleton High School and Mapleton Elementary School. Right from the start, Jim Mender understood our small, rural community and the need to preserve as much of the ‘history’ of our building and facility as possible. Jim and his crew had a wealth of construction knowledge that enabled our projects to be completed on time and under budget. Their ability to foresee issues and plan accordingly, as well as their ability to adjust quickly to unforeseen events, is commendable. Jim and his crew attended several Mapleton sporting events and even attended our Open House to celebrate the ‘reopening’ of our newly remodeled school. That kind of personal commitment is hard to find and it’s refreshing to see!”

– Jodi O’Mara, Superintendent, Mapleton School District