Central Linn School

Central Linn High School

Seismic Rehabilitation

Central Linn High School serves several small communities in Linn County including Halsey, Shedd, Peoria and Brownsville. The school was built before seismic reinforcement was a major consideration in design.

McKenzie Commercial was awarded the seismic retrofit of the gymnasium and cafeteria portions of the building through a competitive and qualifying bidding process. Work consisted of putting in place concrete shear walls between the buttresses that support the dome roofs, as well as increase the shear strength of the domes themselves by adding new plywood sheathing over both domes and to some of the flat roof sections surrounding the domes. The building also received the addition of drag struts (glulam beams) to the roofs that will tie together the entire length of the dome structures. In addition, substantial sections of the old flooring that contained asbestos were replaced. These upgrades will improve the integrity of the building, provide increased safety for the staff and students in the event of an earthquake, and restore the building’s ability to repel the rain and elements.

McKenzie Commercial and WRK Engineers have a history of fruitful collaboration. After working closely together on the Lane ESD Westmoreland Campus Seismic Strengthening and the Mohawk High School Seismic project in Marcola, the team captured an ambitious schedule that was completed in 50 working days over the summer months.

Project Details:

Contract Type: CMGC, GMP
Client: Central Linn School District
Engineer: WRK Engineers
Location: Halsey, OR
Year: 2022
Price: $2,100,000


“The Central Linn High School Seismic Rehabilitation project was complex due to the nature of the dome roof design. McKenzie Commercial worked side by side with our engineer from WRK Engineers and our architect from BBL to complete the best structure possible. The weekly project meetings were helpful to keep the project on track for completion and within budget. The Project Manager and staff were always quick to notify us with any issues or concerns during construction. McKenzie Commercial was accommodating with construction timelines and supply chain issues all while operating with authentic work ethic. The Project Manager and crew made the construction process not feel so overwhelming. Our project was a success as a result of the joint effort between McKenzie Commercial and Central Linn School District. I would recommend McKenzie Commercial anytime without reservation.”

– Celeste Van Cleave, Business Manager, Central Linn School District