ACE Charter School


Academy for Character Education (ACE Charter)

Building Renovations

Academy for Character Education School is a fully accredited K-12 tuition free public charter school, emphasizing classical education with options for preparatory, honors or foundations-focused academics. ACE encourages growth in character through their academics.

ACE has purchased the previous Harrison Elementary building located in Cottage Grove. In order for the staff and students to move in by September 2023, this project will be completed in phases. The building will initially receive a complete refresh of the current existing conditions. The building will undergo extensive asbestos abatement, receive a new roof and a complete modernization of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing components. In addition to this facility meeting the growing needs of ACE, there is already talk of how this increased space can serve the local community.

A feasibility study has been conducted on the aging building to learn more about the challenges, assist with outlining a plan, and provide options for implementing all desired work to be performed. Extensive pre-planning and collaboration with the owner and design team will be essential in order to identify potential conflicts and ensure the entire scope of work fits within the budget and schedule.

Project Details:

Contract Type: CMGC, GMP
Client: ACE Charter School
Architect: GLAS Architects
Location: Cottage Grove, OR
Year: Expected September 2023
Price: Expected $3,100,000