Tyndale Advisors


Since 1960, this building has had several upgrades and renovations, continuing to re-energize the corner of Broadway and Willamette. This multi-floor office remodel was completed to enhance the overall working environment and facilitate the growing needs of Tyndale Advisors.

This remodel included roomy workspaces intermingled with group collaboration areas, as well as open and private conference spaces. Some of the notable interior finishes are vibrant and stylish wall coverings, including custom wood paneling on the conference room ceiling and on the exterior of the second-floor offices, as well as large tack boards located in the large open workspaces to encourage collaboration and innovation.

Tall windows flood the building with daylight, offering a connection to the outdoors. Custom mechanical sunshades create a comfortable working environment while providing the option to enjoy the view of downtown.

Project Details:

Client: Tyndale Advisors
Location: Eugene, OR
Architect: GMA Architects
Size: 9,275 sq. ft.
Cost: $1.9 million
Completion: September 2019