Campbell Community Center

Campbell Community Center

Building Addition and Renovation

Located along the beautiful Bascom Riverbank path in Skinner Butte Park, Campbell Community Center has offered a wide-range of classes and activities to Eugene-area adults since the early 1960s. Campbell Community Center was one of the first of its kind on the West Coast when it was built, and today the center welcomes nearly 300 people a day. Home to programs that promote health, independence, valuable social connections, support networks and quality of life, the center had simply outgrown the space. Limitations in room size hindered the ability to meet the future demands of Eugene’s growing community.

The majority of the building received necessary technology and HVAC upgrades throughout, the addition of social spaces and an enclosed courtyard that leads to the new main entrance, featuring public art by two local artists. The lobby was reconfigured to create a larger, more open and inviting space that will allow increased visibility and better traffic flow. Across from the main entrance is a small courtyard that splits the existing building and a new 6,200-square-foot addition. You can now enjoy taking a variety of fitness classes in the dedicated fitness room. The addition of the 1,800-square-foot “Great Hall” can be split into two rooms or used as one great room for classes and large meetings. Both the fitness room and Great Hall received full length windows, allowing everyone to enjoy the stunning view of the Willamette River, pathways and park.

Having served Eugene for nearly 60 years, Campbell Community Center is now ready for community members for years to come.

Project Details:

Contract Type: CMGC, GMP
Client: City of Eugene
Architect: PIVOT Architecture
Location: Eugene, OR
Year: 2021
Price: $4,813,000
Sustainability: LEED Silver